dropweapon with z

how to do dropweapon to z because keypress does not detect it so i want it to drop current weapon when i press z

For most people ‘Z’ is to undo there props so try thinking of other keys like # or somthing.

You can change it in your options.

i want people who join the server and pickup weapons to be able to drop them by default on z

You’d have to completely alter the gamemode to do that.

do you know how i can set bindings from the server side?

It isn’t about binds, it is about lua. You cannot, by default, even drop weapons in gmod. You will have to code it so when they press “undo” it creates an entity for the current weapon they are holding and removes it from their inventory.

You are not supposed to do that. Use this hook: http://wiki.garrysmod.com/page/GM/PlayerBindPress to block default action and execute your drop concommand from it. ( It’s clientside )

I have done the entity creation i just need to know how to activate it when they press a key like z

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bind press doesn’t get called because suit zoom is not default how can we make sure it is default

Look for “undo” bind and return true to suppress default action.