Drow Pizza -Oxide- 1/8C.Extended Daytime.Econ.Homes.Share.Groups.More!

Top Rust Server - Players Online

This is a new server that has been stable and lightly populated while mods and balances were checked out. Right now everything is in testing but seems to be working. This server has only one admin. Pvp \ raiding is allowed but I am trying to find more balance in the death \ raiding systems currently in rust. There is some help for new players when solo from current players.

Mods, homes \ daytime \ groups \ economy \ teleport requests \ lists are in game at the moment. These are oxide mods. The economy mod is the biggest change and used mostly to balance teleports \ helping dead players out. Gathering is 10x more efficient but stockpiles of useless items are no an issue on this server.

Come check out our server! Mostly I’m in game chat to help you out or take advice