Drowning mod plz

i dont know if this mod exist but i search a little bit on the website and on this forum i dont find it

plz i want drowning mod well like hl2

well you know what i mean when i said drowning

after 10 seconds -3 hp each second UNDERWATER


Just turn off global godmode and you’ll drown when the oxygen reaches 0%.

sbox_godmode 0

[lua]hook.Add( “Think”, “LimitedBreath”, function()
for k, v in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
if v:Alive() then
if v:WaterLevel() >= 2 then
if v.NextHurt < CurTime() then
v:TakeDamage( 3 )
v:EmitSound( Sound( “player/pl_drown” … math.random( 1, 3 ) … “.wav” ) )
v:ViewPunch( Vector( math.Rand( -5, 5 ), math.Rand( -5, 5 ), math.Rand( -10, 10 ) ) )
v.NextHurt = CurTime() + 1
v.NextHurt = CurTime() + 10
end )[/lua]

Dont work :frowning: do you know if some mods can disable this ??

the code work but i dont drown ( in Gm_construct )

plz someone can help me ? can i just add a line in lua script or whatever plz help me

It takes more then a line of code, and what blackops posted works for me ._.

is DONE now go to the website for download the Lua code :stuck_out_tongue: just search drown you will see it

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