DRP Bahamut

Hey there kids I’m lazermaniac. You might remember me from such maps as rp_bahamut and gm_orbit, as well as the ACF thread. Or you might not, it’s been a long ass while. Either way, here’s a little somethin’ somethin’.

Some dude begged me to fix ol’ Bahamut up some and rerelease it, so I got off my ass and finally got it done. I had to remove a few things because the new engine is a bit less tolerant of having piles of entities in your map - the customizable ships have sadly departed for Valhalla. Apart from that, have at it.

Remember roleplaying on this back in the day, pretty good map.

I was JUST trying to remember this map, fucking loved it back in the day. Thanks for this! Shame about the fighters but we can build our own I suppose

Aaahhh, this brings back memories when playing it on HL2:DM… good times…

Can you upload original? I prefer map with cafeteria, but it is not on workshop and I would like to use for my server.

I downloaded that map off of the workshop and I think it is pretty cool, do you know of any servers that use this map or similar maps? And what’s the gamemode? Thanks in advance :slight_smile: