Drsalvador's Farewell Tour - All My Past/Unreleased Maps

[h2]Well this is the last frontier, I’m most likely not going to publically release any more maps, Unless they’re of outstanding quality. Which is very unlikely. I disown these maps entirely, If there’s a problem, Then tough break, I won’t fix it because i honestly detest everything about my mapping “skill”. If you can call it that. After this is released, I’m officially out of mapping, Presumably for good, Atleast until i feel like i could return without getting pelted with empty drinks cans. So. Farewell.[/h2]
Links: Part 1. Part 2.
Description: All my maps, Pleasing taste, Some monsterism.
Contents: All my past/WIP maps, including Airex, Citadel Cells, Eli’s Lab, my own Waste Disposal map, Citadel gubbinz, Nightmarefuel, Some random bullshit, No instructions, No safety net, Final destination.
Requirements: Half Life 2 Episode Two, A strange craving for utter shit.
koopette For being friendly
Sphinxa for being a ninnypoo
Valve for most of the maps in this pack, i just fixed them.
em gnieb rof rodavlasrD
Those Bastards Next Door Who Keep Making Noise Every Night That Makes Me Want To Violently Assault Them With A Hammer[/release]






You took this and blew it way out of proportion. Instead of just listening you decided to leave. Hurr.

Well, what exactly was he supposed to be listening to? A bunch of people telling him to leave and metaphorically throwing rotten tomatoes at him?

Keep working to get better. No one likes what I make so I try to get better. You’ll never get better by leaving. We told you you weren’t funny, I never said you were a bad mapper.

Personally I’d ignore them and just keep chugging on.

Taken to private chat. Disregard this post.

thank fucking god.
bye dude.
happy trails.
get out.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling again." - postal))

Oh. Um, Bye. I guess.

You know we had something special <3

Just grab those maps with both hands and make a stash.

they look so damn blocky

He had the chance to learn from people around him, but i suspect after the comments that he couldn’t work out how to sew a displacement, everything kind of crashed down around him. The wc map pack is of interest to mappers, but really, the person working with them should know how to fix these issues that will arise in unfinished maps, and should not use it to try and boost their popularity by swanning in and telling everyone he is releasing five maps in a month of other peoples work.


Release your own work, even if it is shit, it is stil an idea that can be made better. As shadowsand did with Ironphoenix’s planetfall. Don’t be scared to take a few hits, but always come back with some new idea, a new i/o, a complex bridge, anything that shows you can improve.

So far, every criticism has been met with an unfunny remark, there has been no dedication, no improvement, no challenging yourself. You are happy to sit in your safe zone of retexturing other peoples maps and releasing them, and calling yourself a mapper at the same time.

The final insult really was saying that the skill of being able to see things doesn’t apply to you. I expect most mappers are able to take things from the world around and mould them into a new idea, or else they wouldn’t be mapping. How can you create an idea without any outside influence?

Well done on finding the door. Don’t let it hit you on the way out.

Way to quote the entire op.

Cut him some slack. even though he act’s so superior sometime’s cause he fixes stone-age maps.

He couldn’t find the sew button…why cut him slack?

Also he is too superiour to dream…i find that suspicious. Who doesn’t dream?

I see what you mean. well, t’was nice meeting you drsalvador, see you outside.



lol no,
you should have just kept it if that’s what you want.
also, avatar source.

it seem’s familiar …

appox’s melon machinama thing

don’t even go there