Drug Cartel makes a deal with Ultranationalists


Those are loyalists

isolate before you shade

The posing is really sloppy + what Bodenlan said. I like the shadows from the trees though.

isn’t it too hot to wear a winter uniform in summer forest? :slight_smile:

Oh, I was kind of confused because they do have the Hammer and Sickle on their hats, but they have a Russian Federation patch. Now that I remember, they are the loyalist models.

“It’s now or never, take the shot!”

the money is floating.

Graphics need to be turned up.

Why is there money floating in near them?

fail posing

What’s with the flying cash? And you got the models all wrong, have you even played the original game?

I never knew the Colombians were in cahoots with the Ultranationalist Party of Russia