Drug Modification (A.K.A. updated DurgzMod)


Well other than the asprine wont spawn for me it works great and i love it, but the beer doesn’t have as much as a kick as it used to which i loved running around doing random things with. Though i have only one problem with it, you left out LSD, my favorite from the first pack. Could you maybe reput it in your package?

Painkillers. Your health increases by 50 and after 5 minutes the painkillers start to wear off 1hp every 3 seconds.

Good idea. The aspirin wasn’t really intended in the first place, it was actually meant to be like water, but I figured out it was stupid, and I just used the aspirin as a filler.

But yeah, that makes more sense, I’ll use s0m3_guy’s suggestion and use it for the aspirin.

Okay, 2.1 has to be released pretty soon, I overlooked a lot of stuff because I was about to go to a friend’s house so I wrapped it up rather quickly…

You could add peyote which is a cactus, that makes you hallucinatespawn zombies or other stuff to fill the hallucinations
Also the water sound makes me laugh because it sounds like a pedophile getting raped.

I have an idea for the aspirin. Make it give you 30 health for a minute, and them have the 30 health disappear after the minute is up. Kind of like the temporary health in Left 4 Dead.

Heroin, not Heroine (drugs don’t actually make you into a superhero!) :v:

edit: also if that is Ellen Burstyn from Requiem for a Dream she was on uppers, not heroin.

Oh… lol, whoops.


Also, the painkiller Now works as you get 50 more HP, and instantly after you get the 50 HP, it starts depleting to whatever health you initially had (takes 15 seconds).

Weed’s good m’kay?

Are the drugs from the original not in this? Like PCP?

PCP and LSD are not included in



Heroin pretty much replaced PCP and I’m going to add LSD in 2.1.

The shrooms model made me lol. Great work.

Shrooms are great! Alcohol is hilarious, I love it, well done!

I did all of them at once.


when is 2.1 comeing out ?

After I finish my homework

-ok I re-texted a model of a mushroom I had it glows bleu it really looks cool

-you may want to put the mass to 30 in the drug base so you can pick them up with grav gun

-maybe remove the cigarette from when you smoke (it’s a very good idea but it looks real messed up with it hovering in the air)

-The re-skin of the bottle is a nice idea but on the grand photo it will not work for the players on a server

-I love the idea of the aspirin.



Periods, man, Periods.

yes sorry next time I will do that =)
I sometimes go on like that.

and there i hope its better ?

what no ecstacy