Drug Modification (A.K.A. updated DurgzMod)

Alright, turns out I have a spanish test tommorow, so I should probably study for that, delayed again!


-Good idea, applying concept.

-But I like it




Alright, It doesn’t feel right to me putting up 2.1 up for download today, I have a feeling I’m missing something, I guarantee 2.1 will be up by this Sunday though.

Party Pills, they last for 5 minutes and every 30 seconds you lose 1HP. It makes you move slightly faster, and you get slightly dizzy, and you have reduced vision distance, and things are very slightly sharpened.

I love this mod. I was a little disappointed by cigarettes; I was hoping there would be a trail of smoke, maybe a small health boost, and less giant red text. (Obviously you don’t get a health boost from real cigarettes, but for addicts, it certainly feels like it. Smoking too many cigarettes would still kill you.)

Before I die, I would love to see some ecstasy and cough medicine. Life would be complete.

Great mod, thanks for updating Ninjers’ original awesome mod!

I also love how awesome it is to combine drugs. Genius.

Okay, I’ve heard what ecstasy is, but I don’t really know WHAT it is if you get me, like, what would the high be like?

They’re like party pills, but illegal and has a strong effect. People use them in parties. Well from what I know, they have uses elsewhere than parties, clubs.

There are no hallucinogenic factors to it. It mostly has to do with feeling. Every thing is open to you every thing around you is giving you a worldly energy. Per say, things like a a hug will make you feel good all over. You will find yourself mentally open, you will come to understand things you may have never understood before. Ok I need to stop you should get the idea. ummmm dont do drugs?

On second thought, ecstasy would be pretty tough to recreate in lua. :3

As for cough medicine, basically trippin balls.

And for cigarettes, maybe a slight sharpen effect. Visually sharpen.

Well. When you’re on ecstasy you should gain health from getting hit with prop_physics. Ha.
Here is what you are missing:
LSD (You should like put it on blotter paper and make a custom overlay that occasionally has mouths and elephants appearing, ha)
Maybe some bong or something that when combined with marijuana makes the effects of it much better.

You are god. I love you. Great work.

I like it, but Shrooms needs work. Maybe have it draw props to the client randomly around, and NPCs walking and shit across your screen. More color, too.

Okay, I’ve decided.

Cigarettes now have a “high”. It really isn’t noticable, but if you look close enough you can see it.

LSD has been added and it’s really trippy, I figured some stuff out with bloom to make the lights jump out at you.

There were some bugs with some of the highs mixing & motion blur not being able to draw over itself nicely, I “kinda” fixed some of those.

I’m going to add meth, pretty much it gets you EXTREMELY high within a second but you die pretty much 10 seconds after you take it (unless if you take more)

I’ll see what I can do about the mushrooms, I’ll figure out a way to spawn a gman in front of you and remove it.

Once I’m done with the meth and mushrooms I’ll upload it all as 2.1.


I love you.

Will cigarettes still have giant text?

Can you fix the resources file? It doesn’t work.


Ok, I got a dedicated server up where I’m testing it (it’s in RP but it’s not really RP), the IP is if you want to join (it’s probably going to go down around 10:00 pacific time)

ok, now it’s sandbox, we’re trying to build a fort.

That was fun. I remember we built drug shops, then my friend dropped a crane base on mine, so I went CT and started nading the other guy’s shop.

Good times.


Put the server up again, dammit.


Shibboro = sHiBaN

OHH… I am truly sorry.

and yeah, my internet screwed up and I don’t know how to do it…

oh, a fun fact, I found an LSD emote: :lsd:

Okay, I added a “funneh” thing to the Shrooms, check it out:

also the server is up, nobody is on it but it’s up: