It’s been a while.




Wounds are hand made. :q:

Thank’s to Chesty and Castro for criticizing!

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It’s in first person. (Hard to see the pipe.)


:cheers: indeed.

That’s not bad but you should have used some lamps/light, because I can see some jpegshit/pixels that don’t look good at all. The atmosphere could have been more nasty. Nice details and painting.

I tried lamps. They just weren’t doing it for me.

This pretty much owns.

Ah, a bump…

Then it’s all going to plan. :smug:

Yeah, stuff this good shouldn’t be 3 pages back


nice editing

wrench (spanner?) is bit’ shiny though

Your dusty sun rays have a low res detail to it.



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The model is like that, I couldn’t really fix it.

You could, but it’d take a bit of Photoshop trickery which not many people have the patience for

Holy shit in a bucket, this is mint.

I don’t think I’m up for it. I MIGHT be able to though.

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11 artistics. New record. :buddy:

100% honesty this is probably one of the best pictures i have ever seen here

69105’s approval.

Good** god.**

Excellent work !