Drugs in roleplaying.

In roleplay servers, there is no real need for dugs, besides pure character development and roleplaying. Which is all there really needs to be, however, the problem is people won’t spend money or anything else to buy them when they don’t really do anything. What could I make drugs do, to their player or anything else, that would make people want to buy them, and make them more useful than just for roleplay purposes. Post your ideas!

After a certain amount of uses you get addicted and lose h after not using them for a while.
Give certain drugs certain advantages, like increased speed or health.

Cocaine: 1.5x speed. Takes 10 doses to become addicted.
Heroin: +50 HP. Takes 6 doses to become addicted.
Oxy: 2x speed. Takes 6 doses to become addicted.
Meth: +100 HP. Takes 3 doses to become addicted.

Addiction: When reached, player loses 1HP every minute, and loses .5x speed once addicted. User must continue drug use in order to remain alive and “healthy” from effects.

I like the addiction idea. But the stats thing is already done in multiple gamemodes, what else could I add?

u cud call all da durgz hazard!!!

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Weed: 50% resistance to damage for 1 minute, cannot get addicted


I think what Deprehensio posted would work, but remember to add other downside effects, such as “drunk-like” view and so on.

Oh, are special effects such as those applicable as well?

Cocaine: Fisheye Camera view
Heroin: Drunk-like view (Dear Sister-esque), 15%
Oxy: Drunk-like view (Dear Sister-esque), 25%
Meth: Black and White

Just some ideas. You can also mess with gravity, view types, and player models. For instance, partial invisibility, 90% gravity, or red filters.

Heroin needs to spawn a dragon that follows you.

I know that some people on dark rp servers " smoke weed" and do the speed increase drugs before attacking someone or breaking into the police station. The bonus’s are weird, but the addiction thing seems like a cool addition

Cheesylard’s durgz mod already have the increased stats and addiction feature added, although it could always be made more realistic. Like, the more drugs you do the more addicted you will get, and the harder it will be to kick your habit.
I don’t like the idea of the drugs actually increasing your speed or any other stats (like durgz mod does), since this does not happen in real-life. Some drugs might give you a temporary health boost or whatever, at least that’s more realistic.

Actually, coccain can make your body move faster than normal. Or well it gives you energy/adrenaline.

Cocain doesn’t make your body move faster, it gives you a rush. An adrenaline kick, if you will.
And prior to my knowledge, this adrenaline kick doesn’t make you able to run through a map in a matter of seconds :stuck_out_tongue:

Cocaine actually just gives you more focus. I don’t speak from first hand experience, but I know numerous amounts of people who have done it, and told me it just makes them more focus, and multi-tasked.

Acid= 10% resistant to damage,vision effected(you know what I mean),-5% to accuracy

You should add a stat called like stress or boredom or whatever, and using computers (PCMOD), shooting weapons, and eating should all make it go down, but drugs make it go down superfast. The effects of boredom would be slower movement and insanity, like random chat messages being typed, hallucinations, and random movement.

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Also I assume were discussing drugs, not “dugs”.

That seems like a really hard thing to add in, but it would make roleplay more interesting.

On acid, you see random entities coming out of the walls and they’re flying around you.

They’ve already made hungermod, so it’s possible to add an extra stat, and durgzmod already has screen effects and random chat messages. I don’t think it would be too hard. (But I’m no coder).