Drugz Mod + DarkRP

Ok here’s my code:

AddCustomShipment("Weed", "models/katharsmodels/contraband/zak_wiet/zak_wiet.mdl", "durgz_weed", 900, 10, true, 100, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ})

AddCustomShipment("Cigarette", "models/boxopencigshib.mdl", "durgz_cigarette", 250, 10, true, 30, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ, TEAM_BAR, TEAM_ADMIN})

AddCustomShipment("Cocaine", "models/cocn.mdl", "durgz_cocaine", 800, 10, true, 85, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ})

AddCustomShipment("Asprin", "models/jaanus/aspbtl.mdl", "durgz_aspirin", 100, 1, true, 100, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ})

AddCustomShipment("Heroine", "models/katharsmodels/syringe_out/syringe_out.mdl", "durgz_heroine", 600, 10, true, 75, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ})

AddCustomShipment("LSD", "models/smile/smile.mdl", "durgz_lsd", 500, 10, true, 55, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ})

AddCustomShipment("Mushroom", "models/ipha/mushroom_small.mdl", "durgz_mushroom", 1000, 10, true, 120, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ})

AddCustomShipment("Water", "models/drug_mod/the_bottle_of_water.mdl", "durgz_water", 200, 10, true, 25, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ, TEAM_ADMIN})

AddCustomShipment("PCP", "models/marioragdoll/Super Mario Galaxy/star/star.mdl", "durgz_pcp", 900, 10, true, 99, true, {TEAM_DRUGZ})

It’s placed in the correct place.

However, the drug dealer team cannot spawn them.
The bartender team cannot spawn cigs either.

But gun dealers, for some strange reason. Can spawn the single ent versions of them.

Please help!

If you need code for drug dealer:

TEAM_DRUGZ = AddExtraTeam("Drug Dealer", Color(85,100,0,230), "models/player/group01/male_09.mdl", [[The only person who can sell drugs!
Make money by selling drugs.
Make your shop somewhere
Make sure you don't get caught selling your drugs!]], {""}, "drugdealer", 10, 55, 0, false)

Ive done somthin like this before, its something with the true and false part. The first true/false ask if it can be sold separately and the second true/false ask if its /buy only which means only can be bought separately. I never could get the /buy true and false one working so id make the /buy always false

AddCustomShipment("Cigarette", "models/boxopencigshib.mdl", "durgz_cigarette", 250, 10, true, 30, false, {TEAM_DRUGZ, TEAM_BAR, TEAM_ADMIN})

This will make it so everyone can not use /buy to get them but your dealers can sell them and buy them individually.

Thing is, it works with guns.

I use Realistic Weapons Pack 4 shipments.
And for the pistol shipments, you get an entity and shipment:

AddCustomShipment("Knife", "models/weapons/w_knife_t.mdl", "weapon_real_cs_knife", 2000, 10, true, 210, false, {TEAM_GUN, TEAM_ADMIN})

Just noticed, your right. All I have to do is put false!

Thanks for this!


Found out some more things:

  1. Gun dealers get entity versions
  2. Bars get shipment cigs
  3. Drug dealer get’s shipments

Thanks for that but…

If you check the menu, the single entity’s are not entitys.
It is meant for weapons!

So I removed entity versions. Oh well!