DrugzMod and GM13 problem. Drugs doesn't write in chat/some drugs doesn't works.

Hello, Facepunch!
I have a problem with drugzmod in gmod 13. I am using the lastest version for Steam Workshop.
But, when I use some drugs, they print nothing in the chat, but they must:

if( activator:Health() > 1 )then

And when I use cocaine, my player doesn’t moves more fast. But it must:

local ss = activator:GetNetworkedFloat("SprintSpeed")
	local ws = activator:GetNetworkedFloat("WalkSpeed")
	if( self.MakeHigh )then
		activator:SetNetworkedFloat( "durgz_oldSprintSpeed", ss)
		activator:SetNetworkedFloat( "durgz_oldWalkSpeed", ws)

Can anybody help me with it?
Thank you.

bump, plz, need help

It might be set to roleplay mode. I think the command is durgz_roleplay, set that to 0.