Drumsticks Swep

I think an awesome swep would be a pair of drumsticks.

Primary Fire - Hit (Used to play the drums - Can Maul Players with This)

Secondary Fire - Throw (Can Maul Players From Far Distances)

Reload - Twirl (Do A cool stick twirl)

Hold Secondary Fire - Cross Over (Cross hands over to hit hihat - press primary fire to hit while crossed over)

Hold Both Primary and Secondary - Double Hit (Hit two drums at the same time)


If possible, an entity (Drumkit) that you could use the sticks with. So you can play drums ingame :slight_smile:

Lord Hayden is the lead Modeler, MGinshe is the lead C++ Coder, and i am helping him with the textures and sounds.

Can we possibly move this thread to the main LUA Scripting forum and rename it Drum Mod?

Are you a musician?


yeah i play the drums :3


So do I. :smiley:

As well as the piano and guitar… :v:

I second this idea. Very creative too!

I don’t believe that that a whole drum kit would be able to be done in Lua, but if each part was done indervidually, simply to make a sound when hit with a certain swep, that could work.


Shit, I might actually try to model a few drum sticks, don’t know how well they will turn out, but if I can get it compiled we can see!

And I want a guitar swep. Primary fire will hit some dickhead over the head with this huge electric guitar, and secondry can make the player try and play the guitar, but kills everyone within a 15000km radius. (How big can Hammer go again? Was it 3km…?)


Well, it is untextured, but I think this would make a nice World Model, don’t you think?



Time to try my luck at a drum kit…

Do I smell a Music Mod by any chance…?


What would you like to be in this drum kit? Just the basic Snare, Bass, Crash Symbol, Floor Tom, Toms and Hi-Hat? Or do you want more? Ride Cymbal? Splash Toms? Etc.


What do you want the foot predal to look like? Post a picture please.


Shit load of edits tonight, how do you like the look of these Bass Drum models? I don’t have a foot pedal on yet, but I think this is enough for tonight, it is 11pm here. Stupid sleep, who needs it? :argh:


If you want anything else just post here or PM me. Or, add me on Steam: mice109. If you want me to continue with them, I happily will.

wow, you have been busy…

i maybe could code some lua :confused:
but i cant do alot of ex. hold down that key etc.

I guess that means you like it? If so, thank you. It took me about 2 minutes to so the drumsticks and about 15 just to do the bass drum model (without the foot pedal).


Shit, where did I put those drum stick models…


Nevermind, found 'em.

Drummers are not musicians.

As for OP, what kind of drum skin are you giving it? and how many piece set? Not to mention, Cymbols?

I am not the coder, although, I do think each piece should be separite, tehn you can make your own set.

And drummers ARE musicians. Drummers are as much musicians as F1 Car drivers are racing car drivers! Anything that has to do with playing some sort of instrument is being a musician, this incluse drums.

Cymbols are coming, right now I am working on what kind of snare drum I am going to make…


Upped the polly on the drumstick model.


Incase you didn’t notice, the stick is more round now…


Going to try some crazy shit for half an hour, I will show you guys what I come up with…

hhmm…you think you could try make the stand, then upload the models to the svn mabe?

maybe you need to add standart hands model and animate them for each action?

“The” SVN? I never knew I had one…

…I don’t even known if much people want this made or not, only like 3 people have posted on this thread…

yea? we were thinking having hardpoints, kinda like SBEP where stuff snaps to the ennt?

and so, you would have a stand entity, and then each different drum part, so you could make a custom drumkit, i think that would probibly make it easyer to make different sounds and animations when you hit the different drums

We were? Oh, shit, yes, we were. I am just going to go with the “place this here, place this there, done, make music”


Anyone that thinks they can help me with this, or just want to add me because you want to threaten me, add me on steam. Search: mice109 Or, PM me.


:argh: Fucking compiling is being a bitch again. WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!

After about 45 minutes of modelling, I have been able to come up with something that resembles a snare drum, I will post pictures soon…

lol, yea. and sorry 'bout that last comment…it was a bit of a failure

Oh on, you will be sorry, just wait until I post the snare drum…

…all of you will be sorry.

You make the models ill code it Ps: I will need the sounds too.

Sorry, don’t have access to the right sound recording devices at the moment. Anyone else here happen to have a set of drums…?

Anyway, I think about 3 or 4 people have said that they will code for this thing already, I have yet to choose between them all…

Just to let you know you are not the first to make a drumstick.

The was this one, complete with animations http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/39029
Then someone made it into a SWEP here http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=48896

And after all that I made one (without knowing about the first one) http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=44847

There are also some drums already

Here http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=13611
and here http://garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=64564

All of those drum models are shit, in my opinion. You can do anything with them, and the collision models are totally screwed.

And, these drums are going to be coded for the drum sticks especially, so when you hit something with it, you will hear some awesome drumming sounds…

eg. Hit a cymbal with a drumstick, nice clash, shoot it with a gun, FUCKING SMASH, etc.