Drunk Combine for Steam Workshop

Can someone get the drunk combine on steam workshop…I would get it on garrysmod.org but I haven’t been able to log into it for like 2 fuckin months so I just need it on steam workshop so I could use it on gmod 13 beta

Please tell me it won’t follow on to GM13. I even talked to the guy who made it and he said he had no idea how big it would get and he was genuinely sad about it.
NO ONE upload that thing. Let’s let it be a thing of the past and hope no one decides to use it / get it to work in GM13.

Drunk Combine is hands-down the worst Dupe out there.

I just need it for something I am making, I can agree it is shit stupid but I cant get it on garrysmod.org

Here you go

You’ll be able to download it as long as you are not a pirate. And about that, why is it that you cannot log into GMod.org?

that’s the thing, I have no idea why. It doesn’t say any error or anything. It just isn’t logging me in

Well then send us a link to your Steam profile. Make a comment or something on it saying “HI JACKPODY”. It sounds too fishy for me at the moment so I’d like some clarification if you actually have a Steam profile with GMod on it.

Ima go upload it right nao.

Don’t you dare. Anyhow, I don’t think you’re actually allowed as the workshop rules quite clearly state that you are only allowed to upload your own stuff there. advanced dupes aren’t allowed either. And the creator most likely won’t upload it because he doesn’t seem to like it anymore.

Well, I do agree with you that it shouldn’t be uploaded to the workshop. Why?

Every 12 yr old squeaker with a mic will have it, and god knows what tweenish sexual jokes they would make with that…and Alyx. God not again.

([TFS]) Reality Fusion This is my account go and check it

Here it is.

Your profile is private which means we won’t be able to check if you have GMod. Un-private it for some hours so we can check it. Remember to write “HI JACKPODY” as a comment on it or something. Sorry for being so bitter about it but you are being ver fishy with “I just cannot log in, nothing happens!”.

No, it’s a good dupe that got in the hands of wrong people.

Never. Never never never.
If it could be done, all downloads and existing copies of the drunk combine/crow/whateverthefuck should be purged.

It is such an abomination that even the creator of it is saddened by it’s popularity.
And I have come across many a server where it’s banned.

What exactly would you “need” it for anyways? I fail to see why you would “need” it for anything.
It’s not guaranteed to even work in 13 anyways, due to the fact that wire is not completely compatible with 13 yet.