Drunk Combine

(download: http://www.garrysmod.org/downloads/?a=view&id=99458)

i don’t know if you allowed to post other’s work, i’m not claiming it as mine, i just wanted to show this awesome contraption

(video is sorta old)

this is made by MoPaZoDoZ92, it is a adv. pod controlled ragdoll, using the wasd keys to move. he can climb, fly, do certain actions, and even fight with other drunk combines.

i highly recommend atleast trying this out, its great fun

It’s banned from my server. I insta-permban anyone who spawns it.

Laggy, useless, annoying piece of dirt.


This thing needs to die. They all fucking lag and just ram other peoples stuff with the jet.

Wiremod killing gmod? Pfft. Get a grip. This thing is what’s doing it. All people do is spawn this.

Nice. It looks like an expansion on something sestze might do, but whatever.

I was hoping that this was posted by it’s maker, that way I’d give him a piece of my mind. I hate that thing.
I wouldn’t mind it if it didn’t lag the server or when people launch it into my car and black-holing it.

why so hate? :smith:

Well I think its a great and funny contraption.


This thing is a load of fun, don’t hate the creator, its an awesome piece of work, however the dupe never should have been released.

I’m giving OP a box for not only posting something he didn’t make but spreading this thing around which is getting annoying.

It says quite a lot about the drunk combine that people are going as far as disabling holograms on their server to prevent it from working.

That’s a lot of work though, I just permaban people I see using it.

We kick people for having it on our server, its fucking annoying, it lags and people always find a way to annoy people with it…


And this.

Well nobody would be hating it so much if he hadn’t released it in garrysmod.org, where minges lurk to get their hands on things like this. Not even garrysmod.org, he shouldn’t have released it at all IMO.

this thread is for the god damn contraption, if your gonna cry about minges lagging your server while your too stupid to kick minges in the first place

this wasnt made for mingeing, so keep talk about it out of this thread


also, qq

The drunken combine is worse than cancer i kick the minges but they come like chinamen over the wall.

that’s the thing, MoPaZaDoZ has stated that it’s in fact used pretty much for minging. That’s all it’s used for. We’re saying we don’t appreciate you bringing further attention to it because we hate seeing it.

Calling people that use it a mingebag isn’t usually all I do. You’re somewhat worse. At least the new or bad players of gmod still try to do creative things with gmod, and have fun with different concepts. What this contraption is chiefly used by is the bottom of the bottom of the barrel users of GMOD, the leeches.

They never build anything, they just spend their time playing with other people’s contraptions. I’ve run into a few of these fantastic people. They eventually mature to where they start calling everything they’ve ever had access to with Advanced Duplicator theirs.

Don’t be that guy, folks. Stay away from other people’s contraptions. Build your own shit.


it’s you. you’re a leech.