Drunk Eli Flirting With Alyx

Yea Well title says it all


For me Alyx was a bitch to pose

Yeah, that’s a nice picture.

I honestly don’t believe we’re missing anything out

At least you used Super DoF

No we did not.


Use http://filesmelt.com/simple and follow these instructions.



Try to be helpful guys. Not just ridicule. Everyone has been a noob once.

Thanks i was useing fileshack and well… it failed But again thank you

There it was:)

Posing isn’t bad but easy on the blur. Try not using simple DOF.

And you have clipping on Eli’s hand on Alyx’s arm.

Use tinypic for fucks sake.

Filsmelt deletes images after a while.

They used to. My pics have been up for a month now. Filemelt are generally fast and easy for beginners to understand. And when they remove the images, just re-upload. Not that much hassle is it?

So why is Eli ‘flirting’ well putting a fucking stupid smile on and grabbing his daughters arm?

He is Supposed to be Drunk/High There is a Bunch of Weed and Beer Over Near Mossman that you cant see

Why do people rage over image upload sites all the time? You use what you want to use, and we will use what we want to use. It’s that simple.