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OK, I’m gonna try to get some people on my server. We had a base player list 60+ with about 25 max on at any given time. I guess 10 of those guys were together and they got raided so they all left like little babies. I guess they did not know how easy it is to just refortify your base and regather stuff. Now we are topping out at 10-14ppl. I just turned instant craft on today and we are building a fighting area, similiar to an airsoft field so people can compete for prizes. Come on the server and mention to unholyCHAD or Server Console that you came from facepunch forum and if admin is on he will throw you some good loot to get you started. This is on top of the starter kit you already get. Hope to see you guys.

Remove Tool (remove building parts you own)
Teleport Home (only to 2 home points)
Airdrops 8+ Players
Starter Kit
Arena (building today)