Drunken Combine mod help

I tried to download the Drunken Combine mod, so I saved it to my adv. duplicator, but when I tried to paste it into my game, it gave me an error mentioning something about a “cameracontroller” not being found. Now… I am completely wire-illiterate, and don’t know exactly what this is. <_<

Should I reinstall wire, or do I not have the most up-to-date version of wire?

This must sound like a stupid question, but this stuff, especially wire, isn’t exactly my forte.

Thank you for any help.

Well did you get the wire svn or a copy of it off gmod.org? If you got it off gmod.org then go to http://www.wiremod.com/forum/technical-support/4-wiremod-svn-guide.html for steps on how to get Wire Svn. If you do have the svn then try updating it.

The Drunken Combine is a Duplication not Mod, get your terms right.