Dry Bones model/reskin

Some of you probably remember this guy.


I had been dying to get a model of him in Garry’s Mod and successfully found one a while ago here made by luigimario, but it’s not exactly how I wanted him to look. Follow the link and you’ll see what I mean.

The model isn’t horrible, don’t get me wrong- in fact, he turned out pretty good for a custom model- but I thought he could’ve turned out a little better. That’s where you guys come in.

I was hoping someone could rework the Dry Bones model, or at least make a reskin. If you can make a new model or rework this one, that would be really nice; I’d at least like to have his bones look more like bones. For extra brownies, I would REALLY be happy if he could be made face/eye/finger-posable (face-posable, at least, so that I can open and close his mouth, that’s all).

Otherwise, a reskin would be nice as well. If that’s the case, I’m just looking for his colors to match the picture above a bit more (Brighter gray skull and shell, arms and legs match said color, etc).

I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out. I’d do it myself, but I haven’t the skill (or the patience). I’m a machinima creator, not a modeler/reskinner.

I don’t mean to be asking for a lot, either; Dry Bones is my favorite Nintendo character and I just want a better model to work with; at least with a better skin, anyway.

The download link for the model and materials for the model I’ve got is down below. Thanks guys.


I don’t mean to bump this, but I would really like to get help with this. At the very least reskin him; that’s all I’m really looking for. All I ask for is someone handy with Paint.NET or something.

No one’s gotten back to me yet and I’m still looking for someone who can do this. Ergo bump.

Your thread title is misleading. Do you want to reskin the Dry Bones model or get a new one?

Either or, actually.

A new Dry Bones model or a reskin. That’s all I ask.

I’m gonna work on a Dry Bones model port sometime either this month or next month, using the model from Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games (and the textures from the Brawl trophy). I’ll be releasing it at the same time as Toad and Donkey Kong, which I’ve been working on as well.

I really appreciate it. In the meantime, a friend of mine successfully reskinned the Dry Bones model I’ve already got. All I need now is a better looking Dry Bones model. I’ll have to see how the one you get looks good. The best ones I know of personally (since I own the games) are the ones from Mario Kart Wii and Mario Party 8.

It should look good, since Mario and Sonic has relatively high-poly models.

(Thumbnailed image, click to enlarge.)

Dry Bones’s model from MaSatOWG has 5774 polygons, for example. Before I start with the physics model, I’ll have to fix up the textures for its hands, but other than that the Brawl trophy textures turned out much, much nicer than the default ones that the game has. (Why bother having high-poly models if you’re only using a texture that’s 256x256? Seriously.)

Well I’ll be damned! It may not be the best model in the world per se, but compared to the one I’ve got… That actually looks pretty damn good anyway.

Will I be able to pose his face, eyes and fingers? (As far as the face goes, all that I can really do is open and close his mouth, as anyone would assume). I really appreciate this, man. It’s looking good so far.

It will have eyeposing and fingerposing, and its head will be ragdolled (or faceposable, if that doesn’t work too well).

I think it might be easier if he were faceposable, but do what you can. Out of curiosity, how’s progress coming on it?

Yeah, I’ll make its jaw faceposable instead. And as for the progress, I’m gonna start working on it right after I finish up DK.

Damn, the wait is gonna kill me… First a friend reskins the Dry Bones I already have, and now I’m gonna get a whole new model altogether that has as much posing freedom as my Yoshi ragdoll does. And this especially kills me because Dry Bones is my favorite Nintendo character.

I was about to ask when you thought it would be done, but looking up at what you said earlier about releasing the port “either this month or the next month”… Damn I hope it’s this month. And I hope it’s soon.

Really, really quick photo (sorry), but Dry Bones is pretty much done. Wish I knew how to make his eyes glow in the dark, but I’m not sure if it’s possible to have glowing irises. And while its fingers are posable, it’s sideways, like everything else I try to give fingerposing to… I’ll figure out how to fix that sometime later, before releasing it, Toad and DK to the public.


You have maked my favorite character of Mario Bros., maybe then you would do the New Super Mario Bros. Wii models? It would be more necessarily for the Koopalings and some returned enemies from past games

What? It´s my favorite character, i like him, how someone would like his favorite character (of course, there was Boo 1st, but for some reason, Dry won)