DS/3DS Ripping thead (I have a request but feel free to request to)

Hello! Im requesting that somone rips from THE LEGEND OF ZELDA SPIRIT TRACKS/PHANTOM HOURGLASS
But feel free to ask other people on this thread to rip from certain ds/3ds games. :slight_smile:

Instead of requesting a specific model I’m requesting how to rip a model at all. I almost got a few models ripped from a openGL ripper but all the data it exported was pretty much 0.0.0 points which is useless.

There might be emulator ripping options ?!

i can extract some DS models, but still not from anything, it all depends on what file types the game uses for models in order for me to be able to, i’ve gotten models from Super Mario 64 DS, Boogie, Sonic Rush and a few others, but not all i’ve wanted to yet

So can you try and send me models? You don’t have to


Any progress :smiley::slight_smile:

Shhh… I’m sure he hasn’t just forgotten, he’ll get back to you when he has something.

But its Ben so loooonnnngg


Man people these days… dumb and disagree :frown::tinfoil:

You may want to consider sending them a PM instead of bumping the thread. A majority of the thread so far seems to mainly consists of your own bumps, so it might be better to contact them directly via PM instead.