DS Graphic Data

Is there any way to extract model data, etc. from SM64DS? Let’s say I was going to edit some model data and export it back into the game. Can you recommend any tools that can help me extract game data from DS ISO’s?

So you want to get an emulator, export a model from it from very complicated tools that keeps skin data/rigging and textures, then import it back into the game?

You are one crazy chicken. Nope, sorry. Nothing even remotely close to that. I know it’s possible to rip DS models, but you can’t import them back into the game. I have no idea how. I forget who was the guy who was porting from DS games.

You wouldn’t want to import DS models, they look like shit.

Just what I thought

Who the fuck would rip from DS anyways?

That would be me. Trust me, you can’t do this. At least not on sm64. Some people have made levels for the metroid prime hunters demo but I have no idea how. Metroid and sm64 use different formats too. It’s just not worth it porting from the DS.


he wants to modify them to change the looks of the game (impossible), not to port them to gmod or anything so it doesn’t matter

Well, it’s theoretically possible. All you need is Notepad and an INSANE amount of time and skill. I mean, people can do sprite hacks, and texture hacks, so a model hack is doable.

The problem is the tools. Without an importer, you’re stuck with manipulating numbers by hand, which makes complex hacks incredibly time-consuming. I know there’s an importer for SSB:B, and there’s actually one for SM64 now. I have no idea if it’s compatible with SM64DS, though.

An importer for models? I know there was a texture edtior, but can I make Sam Fisher replace Snake?

In SSB:B? I think so, but I’m not sure how advanced it is. But I’ve seen some full model replacers, so it’s possible. For instance, I’ve seen a Midna replacer and a Cloud Strife replacer, so it’s doable.

And I just checked - the existing “Sam for Snake” hacks are just texture replacers. There is a rather nice-looking Sgt. Johnson replacer, though.

Some of the files in various games use .bmd file format. I need a way to be able to view .bmd model data. Can someone recommend something that is capable of viewing .bmd files?

BMD viewer will be what your after.

I’m pretty sure its in this download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=NE5P8OC1

Now I am having some script issues with 3ds’ BMD extension. I cannot open my model data all, or evaluate the script.





Can anyone identify this problem?

I don’t know if it has something to do with the script or the file. Also, can someone find me a DS model ripper that doesn’t use directx9 like DX?