Dsdxp's Misc Thread

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i hav a question 4ya

when you will release Resident Evil Pack2?

later i can request kratos ? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the Mai progress info. Everything is working fine I guess.

Ask about Resident Evil stuff in my Resident Evil Thread not this one please. As for Kratos and requests later on i’ll take them not now but i’ll type it down for later use.

Some generic, badly done ports and hacks!? Wow!

Wow…how pathetic that reply was think you can do better then go for it :wink:

great to see that you are still bussy with those models :wink:

Of course, when I promise to get a model rigged and finished I always do.

So, what needs to be done on Morrigan? Cause I know that RTB and ApocHedgie were working on one, but came across some issues along the way. If you need assistance with Morrigan, then you might wanna give those two a ring.

Still needs to be extracted properly, mainly i’m reworking on Karas at the mo.

RTB and Apoc know how to extract from Tatsunoko Vs Capcom while it’s already rigged. Just ask them yourself. Although they did run into some rigging errors with the TvsC ones, but whatever will work.

I remember seeing something about dsdxp attempting to port some stuff from DMC4. Has there been any progress so far?

Ah thanks for reminding me about those there also still being worked on.

At least he actually tried. And like you can do any better than that? You don’t even know how to get things from games because you’re so damn stupid. So please stop acting like you’re much better than any one here because you can’t do shit.

Wabba-wabba w00t w00tz!
Can’t wait to see these when they’re all done!

Yeah I despise using the original rigs because of such errors that’s why I always do my own rigs instead of being lazy like a few people I know do.

Since you said in my request thread to ask here, I’ll do so. Can you rig these models?



Link to models here:

(Models and pictures provided by Masterscorp)

downloading now shall take a look and get back to ya.

Edit: Had a look consider these on the rigged list.

Nice to see the Oni character being ported. Only too bad the mesh and textures didn’t really age very well at all.
Still I spy a number of rigging issues on all of them.

Nice job so far DXP.