DSLR Camera model?

Just curious, has anyone ever ported or know of any props of a DSLR camera, or something similar? I’ve found I’m increasingly in need of one and can’t find any.

Any help is appreciated, thanks.

A good DSLR mesh has always been on my list of things I want to model, but it’s like way down there. I agree that source severely lacks a good camera model. You can probably rustle one up from a model sharing site or something and see if someone would be willing to port it though.

Doesn’t Garrysmod have a DSLR Camera? Afaik the camera weapon uses one in third person.

The gmod one is very low quality and too shitty to use it in poses that need camera prop. I have no idea if The mask megapack have hand cameras as DSLR.

But Dead Rising have decent one only textures need some little work but normal Maps are so unfocused and Bayonetta have one too, to see if can port it from xnalara, since i was looking for same camera


Metal Gear Solid 4 has a decent model, although the textures are a little low in resolution.


Yeah but it’s pretty ugly. I think the lens barrel is like an 8 sided cylinder.

This could look pretty great with a good shader pass. If someone sends me the mesh and textures, I’ll try and port it over.

This looks perfect, any idea if someone has gotten the mesh?

There you go

EDIT: The normal maps need a little fixing. I adapted them for something else and couldn’t find the originals any more.

Cool. I’ll try and knock this out this weekend and post a link here.

You’re a legend, Lt_C. I can finally act on a lot of ideas I’ve had in the past.

This model is too legit to quit, it’s a great non-branded reproduction of the Nikon D7000-series, which just so happens to be the camera I have.


I’ve just got some tweaks and testing left to do and it’s a little late here, I’ll have a link up tomorrow.

I love how they couldn’t just leave the front blank, they actually have tape covering the logo :v:

My god man, can’t thank you enough!

For future reference, Archive3D is a great resource for props.

These aren’t DSLR cameras, but here are a few examples of the cameras available on Archive3D, all entirely free to use.


Holy shit, there’s some properly useful stuff on there. That Jasicki camera would be very handy too. Can’t believe I’ve not heard of this site.

Okay. It works in Gmod & SFM - there’s skingroups for the body color and bodygroups for the lens/screen RTcam on/off + lens hood and lens bodygroups. If you’re going like full micro accuracy, there’s bones for the camera mode dial, the on/off dial, and I did some quick and dirty modeling so you can zoom the lens by pulling the front out of the body.

Materials are functional, but the cool part is the glass, the original mesh had a great setup for mutli-coated reflections, so it looks pretty boss if you capture a reflection probe right.





Great work LT_C, been looking for one of these myself!

Yes, this DSLR camera model is very suitable, good job Lt_C.

Looks brilliant

You’re a beaut man, for real. Can’t thank you enough.