DSSRP DarkRP Server new Admins wanted


We are a completely new DarkRP Server, just released about 30 minutes ago and we are looking to build a good role playing community as well as hire some good admins and moderators to help make other peoples role play experience better. Since we are new we don’t make many mods but still have a ton of custom weapons, shipments as well as jobs. The server is still in its early stages so hopefully we will see many new and good changes. Come check it out tell me what you think! :slight_smile:

PORT: 27015

Rogers cable?

Please tell me you aren’t hosting this from your house.

Nop ip changed. Hosted by Xenon servers. :slight_smile:

Ok, ill do it, what do you want me to do?
steam link

I would love to be able to be an admin, so is that possible? Thanks and I am gonna be joining the server right now!

One of the few things worse than hosting from home :wink:

Server seems to be down now, that was quick

it’s been months, that’s not really “quick”

Whoops, didn’t notice the post date, sorry