[-DST-] Rust Server 31/01/14 Info inside/Leave feedback


New Rust Server 31/01/14
Hello, We currently set up a new rust server with a few mods and changes to the server, suggested by the rust community and wanted to make this community bigger while making the server more popular, with numbers around 25 to 50. We need you guys to make the server as good as possible and make this server tailor made for the community.

Current Server Features.

DoorShare (Share all doors with friends)
HouseOwnership (Able to remove misplaced all building parts w/ 50% resource return)
HalfCraft (Takes 50% less time to craft)
Airdrop 15 Active players (May change from time to time depending on population)
Sleepers (Your character stays in the world when you log out)
PVP is ON (Player vs Player)


Active Admins at least 1 of us online most of the day.
Admin Tools to stop Griefers and Hackers. (Fix Griefed buildings)
Full Server control - Able to add new plugins/Mods


No Cheating
No Griefing (Player houses. E.g Blocking entrance to the house)
No Abusive chat (E.g Racism and over the top arguments)
Mininium swearing overlooked

Server Info.

Name: Multiplay |DST|SleepOn|Oxide|HouseOwnership|HalfCraft|31|01|14
IP: net.connect88.150.159.166:28115, Thanks

Website - http://www.deltastriketeam.com/DSTForums

Leave Comments and Feedback for things you would like to have