DTextEntry doesnt work without MakePopup

I have had this problem for as long as I have been using DTextEntry, and it has forced me into always having to use DFrame’s…

What happens is that DTextEntries just wont get focus without MakePopup, not even with RequestFocus…

So when I try to put a DTextEntry in a DPropertySheet instead of a DFrame(for cosmetic reasons, aka I think property sheets look nicer than DFrames) it just wont get focus, I can click on it, but the “caret” wont appear…

How can I fix this?

EDIT: I just read something about EditablePanel, let me try using that…

EDIT: No success :frowning:

You need to enable mouse and keyboard input ( look them up on the wiki ) if I recall correctly.

Panel.SetKeyboardInputEnabled and Panel.SetMouseInputEnabled both didn’t work the last time I tried.

Correct, I tried those on the DTextEntry, the DPanel it’s mounted to and the DPropertySheet, neither worked.


I am not trying to click the DTextEntry with my mind, I actually did that to get the cursor visible…

I discovered this recently as well. Neither of the aformentioned solutions work.

The only things I can think of is to make a popup, and set the position by using Panel.LocalToScreen, :confused:

Or make a new DTextEntry that works waaay different…

Setting the position of what? I don’t have a problem with positioning anything. The only problem I have is the DTextEntry being unusable.

If you MakePopup the DTextEntry, it will work, BUT it will be unparented and therefor the position will no longer be relative to it’s previous parent. Thats why, if you use LocalToScreen it will position itself as a popup where it used to be, but now working.

In other words: All way too complicated and buggy for something as simple as getting a DTextEntry to work.

Make a DFrame, make it invisible and put the DPropertySheet in it.

How would I make it invisible? If I change the .Paint function it won’t actually draw it’s contents and if I set it to invisible it wont either.

You’re doing the parenting wrong then. I can makepopup a DTextEntry just fine, and still have it parent correctly.

Hmm, you’re parenting it after making it a popup, maybe I should try that and see if it will work.