DTextEntry Prompt Element - can't find?

Hello Facepunch

I’ve been looking around on the vgui Element list and I’m unable to find the element in mwhich when it’s called it prompts the user to input some text, it’s like a DTextEntry but on a fixed window of a kind…

Your help it greatly appreciated!

I’m not sure what you’re trying to describe. If I understand it correctly, just create a DPanel or DFrame with a DTextEntry in it. If you have a picture, show it.


It’s something like, DTextEntry, on a panel and it pops up for the player, and the background around goes blurred.

It forces the user to basically put an input.

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YES! <3

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Would you know how to only allow number inputs in this?

Not possible. Just grab the function here and modify so this is true and use this and match the text passed from the OnValueChanged with


and use


as the pattern.