DTextEntry won't focus...

Currently, this is a stub of my code:
self.form = vgui.Create(“DFrame”, self)
self.form.tabs = vgui.Create(“DPropertySheet”, self.form)
self.form.tabs.login = vgui.Create(“DFrame”, self.form.tabs)
self.form.tabs.login.teUsername = vgui.Create(“DTextEntry”, self.form.tabs.login)

The DTextEntry in question is “self.form.tabs.login.teUsername”. In it’s parental hierarchy, there are 3 DFrames… And yet it is unfocusable.

Before this, I used to have the DTextEntry on “self.form”, and it was focusable. The only difference now is a DPropertySheet before it.
How do I make the DTextEntry focusable again?

What do you mean by focusable? As in you can type into it?




Thank you so much!

But that wasn’t the solution! It says on that article “while theres a frame with Panel.MakePopup function activated”.
My actual problem was that I forgot to make my “self.form” frame a popup.