DTK's 200 Slot FULLY MODDED Rust server and they're Public Teamspeak Server :)

DTK is proud to announce they’re bump up to a 200 slot server

as well with the New public Teamspeak Channel ts41.gameservers.com:9405

the net connect for the Rust server is

LowPing Oxide tele Econ Start$ /mission ShrtNite InstaCraft NoDurability NoFalldmg /sethome DoorShare Factions Groups Exclusive Kits and much much more

a lot of room for advancement now as we will be looking for new staff for our rise population. moderators and admins as well as donators get access to kits that no one else can

come in and check it out as we now have room for a lot of players, were looking to find more people looking to play with a growing community

thanks for reading guys , appreciate it :slight_smile:


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