DTree and DTree_Node astuff

I came up to a point where I need every node in a DTree to display something (like a callback) when it’s pressed. Unfortunately, I was not able to make it. I know of a way, though, but I am really not in favor of using it: creating own derma element and make the .DoClick function refer to a complete function of DTree_Node + Callback. For example, I make a DTree out of ‘models’ dir, and when I click on the node itself, it prints something like “YAY” to console.

Long story short, I need each node after doing :MakeFolder() display a callback. Possible?

Well, thanks for “help”.
Anyway, I got it working with this code:
[LUA]TreeFolders.DoClick = function()
local p = TreeFolders:GetSelectedItem()
local g = “/”…p.Label:GetText()
local c
if(p == client)then break end
c = p:GetParentNode()
g = “/”…c.Label:GetText()…g
p = c