Dt's Fancy Model Pack


Holy shit, nice

Holy shit

How many panzers are there? :open_mouth:

Wuv you DT

I see a storm trooper D:

Getting an error on filepack 3 says theres a vtf that is broken and wont extract for me

“date error in materials/models/unrealT3dt/evaMach03/T-CH_MHead02_d01_Vred_sk2.vtf’ File is broken”

This pack is roughly 420mb.

Its models are impressive!! :slight_smile:

Oh fuck i just jizzed everywhere.

Goddamn so much stuff.

Dt pack of awesome.

Seems fine to me , try re-downloading.

I miss maybe 2/5th of the Props i see on the pics… Hmmm…?

And the MG42 in the pack has Fucked up textures.

But i don’t have those lovely things that i see on the pictures. Bren, MG34 and many other weapons.

Well since some people are having troubles with part 3 , i’ll be re-uploading it to a different site.


And what do you mean?


Yeah there is somthing wrong with part 3, some textures are corrupt or somthing.

There is no MG42 only 34.

Some models do have fucked up textures , tho , i checked the pack the weapons are there.

The ww2 weapons should be located in Models\Dts stuff\Forgotten Hope\

Why do i see MG34 in this Picture


Right above the RPG-7

Well yes that is the MG34 , it should be in the pack.

Anyone else still having the texture issues, or does the second link fix that?