Dua files - Storage and downloading


I’ve noticed that when using the fast download feature (Download URL.) the Dua files are sent much more slowly.

I have a game server which is in my country so I get good latency to it and I have my fast download files hosted on a shared web server in another country so that has poor latency but very good bandwidth.

Without fast downloads, Dua files send extremely quickly but the added latency and connection of requesting each file individually from the web server really adds some extra download time onto any gamemodes I host. In addition to this, in the past I have left the cache folder off the web server only to find that it doesn’t send the Dua files correctly at all. (It’s also still slow as it has to request the file from the web server and wait for a 404 error.)

My proposals for these issues are:

  1. Allow downloading the cache folder from the fast download location to be disabled via a console variable.
  2. Allow the server to automatically compress all of the required Dua files into a single archive file after each map load. The client can then download a single compressed file instead of multiple files.
  3. Allow simultaneous downloads. (Allow 10 or so downloads to be done at the same time.)