Dua files?

My friend and i are working on a gamemode and i went on the server and it downloaded all the files but i want to open those files i downloaded and continue to work on the game mode but its a dua file. How can i open it or find the lua files that were downloaded (and no i cant get him to give them to me he hasnt been online for 3 days).

open it with notepad

You’re working on a gamemode with someone, but you don’t have the original files? That doesn’t really make sense.

Also, you won’t get the server files with dua

Only the clientside files.

Also The client only downloads the CL_ files or the Shared files not the server side where all of the big stuff happens.

So you cant.

Maybe he’ll understand the fourth time it’s said! You can only get client files from dua.

You’re not going to get the whole code unless you get him to zip up the folder and send it to you.

I suggest you should phone him, or go round his house to ask him why he isn’t playing maybe he is grounded.

Grounded, haha I remember those days xD

Or he wants to steal a gamemode.

You beat me to it.