Can some one tell me how to convert .dua?

You can’t. The idea of .dua is to encrypt and compact downloads from servers, so you can’t see the source code for peoples custom Lua.

Yes that is the idea, And yes you can, Im trying to pop open a .dua from my server and see if its doing what its supposed to do, i’ve had some problems with it before and had to re-install server.

Um, brute force decryption? I dunno, that seems to be the only guaranteed way to crack something open.

there’s no encryption. there isn’t even any attempt at obfuscation.

the point of datapacks is speed up downloading of lua by eliminating the overhead of downloading each file individually and compressing the lua files as a single block. it’s not meant to hide the code, since all of it is stored plaintext in dua/cache.

afaik this isn’t the first time you’ve spouted shit about stuff you have no clue about.

Well, when I open up a .dua it seems to me like a load of random characters placed in nonsensical order, so it would be safe to assume something like this would have some sort of encryption or obfuscation. My apologies.

As for your constant bitching, I’d like to order you a 1 way ticket to Gofuckyourselfistan. You’ll like it there, plenty of white-knighting around every corner, loads of miserable people such as yourself, it’s a very pleasant place.

(User was banned for this post ("This isn't how you ask for help." - Seiteki))

(User was banned for this post ("Well you weren't asking for help. Still, flaming." - Seiteki))

I’d like to think of Pleasant differently, but okay.

dua files are basically client side lua scripts that get sent by the server, hence why you can use STools and entities the server has installed even if you don’t have them installed on your client…You just wont be able to see any models and such unless the server sends them to you as well.

Before the datapack update, the server would send you each dua file, would take a while to join if the server had lots of addons… and I’m sure alot of server owners dreaded this “wonderful” problem…especially SpaceBuild servers.

… and syncing cache files with FastDL was sure “fun” as well.

Anyway, now with the new update all the client lua files are sent via one Lua Cache file which your client “decompresses”, instead of the server sending 100’s of dua files…

All the files from the lua cache file can be found in “cache/dua” folder and you can open them and read them just like you could prior to the update… although don’t expect to steal anyone’s gamemode or something, remember it’s only the client side files your client needs for what ever addons the server has to work correctly.

At least this is what I know from my experience, If I’m wrong on anything feel free to point it out.