dual guns for npc impossible?

Hi, i’m trying to create a dual guns for npc, since npc doesnt have the proper animations, i’m using a player model, but its still doesn’t work.

in ai_translations.lua i used, am i missing something or we just can’t do it?!

function SWEP:SetupWeaponHoldTypeForAI( t )

    self.ActivityTranslateAI = {}
    if ( t == "duel" ) then
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_IDLE ]                         = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_DUEL 
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_IDLE_ANGRY ]                 = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_DUEL
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_RANGE_ATTACK1 ]                 = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_DUEL 
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_RELOAD ]                     = ACT_HL2MP_GESTURE_RELOAD_DUEL  
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_RELOAD_LOW ]                 = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_DUEL
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_CROUCHIDLE ]             = ACT_HL2MP_IDLE_CROUCH_DUEL
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_RUN ]                         = ACT_HL2MP_RUN_DUEL
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_WALK_CROUCH ]                 = ACT_HL2MP_WALK_CROUCH_DUEL
self.ActivityTranslateAI [ ACT_WALK ]                         = ACT_HL2MP_WALK_DUEL        
    return end


nah, it’s totally possible. just bonemerge dual elites onto them and find an animation where they have both arms outstretched one way or another.

hmmm, how do you do that any example?

uh, just parent the dual elites to your npc, then do AddEffects on it using EF_BONEMERGE as the argument.
then make bullets come from your npc while it’s in the “outstretched arms animation” assuming you can find one and it will give the illusion of dual guns

If you use NextBot you can actually use Playermodels as your NPC’s models, which come with the “duel” animation matrice that works pretty well with this.