Dual winchester 1887

Just like in COD: MW2, It would be awesome to have dual winchester 1887’s. we’re getting this 1887, > http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/19753 < me and my friend are editing this to remove the hands, and bringing the view model closer, so it looks like you have one hand on each, but its close so you cant see you dont have hands.

They’re not winchesters. Model 1887’s or something. I haven’t seen a single gun in GMod, or source with left mouse shooting the left gun and right shooting the right, ala correct akimbo.

Edit: Checked the page, that’s a different gun. The model 1887’s have lever action by the trigger, not a regular pump.

ZestyLemons, if you’re talking about SWEPs using dual elite models, then yes. Correct akimbo SWEPs are quite rare, despite how simple they are to make. I would make one, but I don’t really have any reason to, aside from some kind of example SWEP. Also, MoparMan777, some of the things you talk about (view model flipping to have two guns, removing hand models, etc) range from quite difficult to downright impossible to do with Lua alone. A custom model would be your best bet. You could request one, and then someone (I would do it, I suppose.) could make it, but I can’t really think of any other way to do this.

I doubt they’re easy to make, and that you should use lua for hand models and crap. A good model with proper animations would do fine.

Animations for left firing, right firing, right reload, left reload, and both reload. Double pull up from reload, right/left pull up from reload, etc. Lots of animations, not that complicated in the far run.

Er, I’m quite sure (for the dual elites, at least) that firing with the left pistol is done with the ACT_VM_PRIMARYATTACK animation, the right pistol with the ACT_VM_SECONDARYATTACK animation. Would it not be a relatively simple procedure to assign both guns a local variable to represent ammunition remaining, and only allow firing if this variable is greater than zero (otherwise just shooting like any other pistol)? Of course, some other factors would need to be taken into consideration, but aside from the Lua, a custom model seems almost mandatory. Also, regarding the animations for reloading a single gun, I don’t think those are possible without a custom model.

But he doesn’t want two pistols.

He wants the Model 1887’s from MW2

I understand that. Hence the need for a custom model with fitting animations. Possibly compiled on the dual elite animations, as well (for the ACT_VM_PRIMARYATTACK and ACT_VM_SECONDARYATTACK animations).

Dual elite animations don’t spin the guns nor reload separately.

If you ever fired a dual elite once in CS:S you’d notice that even only one gun went off you’d still empty both magazines. In MW2, if you only spent one gun’s ammo, then you only reload that gun

The model 1887’s are winchesters, another thing, you cannot do EVERYTHING i said with lua, it requires model editing to remove the hand models. No one needs to make this because my friend and I are making it.

If its a single handed gun then it can be done, Thats what model flipping is alllll about :stuck_out_tongue:

omfg im not going to use dual elites animations!!! Just the realistic lua base. The model im using has two anims for it, one he flips, the other he just normally cocks it. But me and my friend are going to make it use only on anim, the flip, edit off front hand models, mirror the 1887 with a program my friend has, then I handle the lua.