Dual Winchester 1887

Just like in COD: MW2, It would be awesome to have dual winchester 1887’s, i cant make sweps, but i can tell one of you guys how. get this 1887, > http://www.fpsbanana.com/skins/19753 < in the lua file, make it view model flip ( makes you have two guns ) , SOMEHOW remove hand models, and bring the model closer, decrease the Fov ( field of view ) to make closer, so you cant see you dont have hands, making it look like you have one hand on each gun, but you actually dont. And make the animations just the one where you flip the shotgun up in the air. You could use the dual elites base, and edit shots fired and damage, and delay between each shot so you have time to pump it. Many people want this swep. Please make this swep! thank you!

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