"Duck and Cover!" EOD jumps away from explosion


Original image by BigBoom. I wanted some explosion/lighting C&C, and since you don’t get any in the EMS thread, I figured I’d post it here.

The explosion is pretty sweet. The lighting on the guy has some spots that seem a bit sharp. Maybe there should be some motion blur or something?

overall I’d say it was a good job.

Nice lighting, posing and editing.
It’s just me but you could’ve put a tank n the
backround, firng right at 'im.

I wish I could do lighting like you :3:

Anyways, thanks for commenting.


aw shucks



Awesome! Reminds me of The Hurt Locker

so a movie that has been out for awhile and everyone starts to copy it

cool thing to do these days I guess.

I like the lighting.

Great work, perhaps your best thus far. Explosion isn’t quite dusty enough for the subject matter in my opinion, but overall this is very good.

Inspired by =/= copy.

What a dumb thing to say.

This is why I want a tutorial from you. :geno:

Thanks for all the comments, guys.

I love it!
And where’d you get the Juggernaut?

nice lighting
but smoke looks ehhh

Wow I love this, the lighting is beautiful…

Especially the beggining scene

Aww that’s what I thought of when I posed this, this is what I thought I’d look like some day <3