Wouldn’t it be awesome of ducks flew in to and/or over ponds and lakes and you could pop them with shotguns? The ducks would have some unique loot. Maybe even to make c4, or something else entirely. The point being that this would make lakes and ponds secondary hotspots where people are going to go with guns. People would use shotguns more often and maybe the rare ducks could just fly overhead anywhere.

Incentive for people to congregate, encounter and carry shotguns/guns, what more could you ask for?!

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Maybe, just maybe, they could be pigeons, for a more realistic feel, and they drop cloth/meat etc but they have a rare drop which is a message tied to their leg that points to treasure you can dig up with a shovel or something. This one is pretty out there, but it could be awesome.

only if i can shoot the dog this time. bastard is invincible in the original.

Did not mean to disagree. Kinda like the idea

(just refresh the page, then you can change it)

hmmmm duck eggs… nomnom

The idea of pigeons carrying rare blueprints or treasuremaps seems rather cool!

I hope this one gets integrated!