Duck Hunt [Wip]

Duck Hunt is a Remake of a Gamemode I once Played on a Forged Halo3 map, I started it Up and Gravemind and TheDanishMasta and Son4 all Agreed to join the Team

The Objective:

The Ducks Have a Long Map That they must Run the Length of, The Hunters Must Gun
them Down Before the Ducks manage to do so, If the Ducks Reach the End, They will be
Rewarded with a Giant button that will kill the Hunter Team, Round win For the Ducks.
if all the Ducks are killed, Round lose for the Ducks.

The Teams:

The Hunters - Armed with High Precision Rifles, they Must Kill the Ducks, Before they  
Reach the End of the Map.

The Ducks - Armed with the Ability to Quack!, They must Reach the Far end of the Map
by using Speed and Cover to avoid the Hunters.

Future Plans:

Gravemind is Currently working on some nice menues and we Hope to have a Nice
Visually pleasing Menu to go with the Game.
A customization system involving weapon layouts and player models.
A store to Purchase Customization menu items such as hats and player trails.
Funny Quacks

The Team:

Main Coder

Mapper and “Idea Guy”



Simple Mapping Tutorial:

The Ducks need to Spawn in a Room where they cant be Spawnkilled,
The Hunters cannot Access the Duck’s Path,
The Ducks Dont get Guns, So come up with a Creative way to Kill the hunters.
Creative maps with interesting Features will make the Gameplay all the better.
We really Encourage Creative maps with Nice Themes and Crative ways to kill, as well as with

Duck Spawn = info_player_duck

Hunter Spawn = info player_hunter

Map note : Were not Really Bothered about Content such as Ep2 or Css, Which both have Awesome props, But Please no L4d or Other Sourcemod Content, Inlcuding Portal and Tf2.

Yo Soul-Chicken, Im happy for you, and ima let you finish, but DarkRP was the worst gamemode of all time, OF ALL TIME.

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Yo 057, I’m happy for you and Imma let you finish, but this meme shouldn’t be used on Facepunch.

(User was banned for this post ("Dumb meme" - grea$emonkey))

I’m offended by this gamemode. Put some humanity into it, please! :Dawkins102:

Im Sorry to Offend you, But i Need Mappers :frowning:
Thanks for the Boxes! Keep 'em Coming.