Ducking while noclipped bug

Since the latest update, it seems that when you crouch midair while slowing your noclipping, causing everything on your screen to spaz the fuck out. Please fix this.

I havent had this bug. Its just you.

No, Spywolf. I, and most other people I’ve asked has it too. It’s so amazingly annoying that words can’t even describe.

Yes, many others have this issue. I have to +duck in the console to get around it.

I don’t know then. Probably something with my leg mod i have. (I like realistic shit sometimes.)
Hang on i will go in single player again.

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Still dont got it. Probably one of my addons. I think its my WAC or Legmod.

Ironically, gmod legs 1.0, the most crappy and unreliable addon I have, is fixing the bug.
I took it out of my addons folder after seeing this the world fucked up when i crouched.
Are you useing Gmod legs spywolf?

I have no addons except wiremod installed, and I don’t get this at all.

This happens for me aswell, I would appreciate seeing a fix for this because I (and probably lots of other people) use this when building.

Yes i am. Amazing that its fixing it.

I used to have the legmod, i’ll pick it back up.

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it didn’t fix it.

I never had this problem before and I was on gmod last night.

Looks like the newest update fixed it!
Except now the game crashes every 10 minutes for some reason. =(

-----And now that has been fixed as well-----