Dude about to be killed while his daughter is forced to watch

“In this… family, shall we call it? We expect a certain level of performance… Regardless of circumstance. You’ve failed to meet that level on one occasion to many, I’m afraid, Mr. Brown. And there’s really nothing we can do about that, is there?”


“Say goodbye to daddy, little girl. He’s going for a little nap.”


bonus i discovered while playing with francis’s faceposing.


rate or hate

DAT ASS is indeed fine

Nice picture, editing is great.

Bonus would be even more awesome if zoeys ass was in background,
Great editing.

Great editing you ahve there

Nice, but Francis feels alittle out of place. Zoey acually looks more like a High School student with that model.

Great work! Nothing negative really to note. I didn’t even think of it as edited, which means in a way that the editing is good.

:saddowns: I thought that trench coat dude was a good guy… Well, it’s that other dude who makes him more like the classic PD, which is probably why I think so.

You should’ve waited for a comment and posted the Francis “dat ass” after the first one. it seems to distract a lot of people from the actual picture.

Fucking pngs.

Francis how could you team up with scum like them!? :V

That is sooo cool. Awesome work. I only dont like how detailed francis and zoey are, compared to the relatively low res HL2 guys.