Dude running from 3 zombies in a uh.. building

Don’t SERIOUSLY ask why he is running from 3 zombies.


Posing on the zombies looks a little off. Nice camera angle and lighting though.

I rushed them. TY for crit anyways

Running guy doesn’t seem intent enough. I would have personally made him looking over his shoulder a bit, and faceposed a bit.

Still nice though. I like the shot.

He doesn’t seem like hes running.

That’s pretty good, I like that you didn’t contrast rape your picture this time. The zombies are still doing the Thriller though. Artistic for you!

Oh god Im at it again

I think I need to redo pose

Nah, it’s okay. Just work on it 'till next time.

why he is running from 3 zombies.

lol, Nice posing, nice edit, but as the others said, it doesn’t look like he’s running

yeah why is he running from 3 zombies


no sense of motion

The man looks like he’s unaware he’s about to be eated. xD…

I’d make him running while looking backwards, without holding the gun properly, so he matched the “panicked” state, and the speed at which the zombies are running :D…

But still, I like the zombies’ posing and the camera angle. Nice work :).

I guess that dude loves his M4, 'cause he’s deaf enough not to hear rushing footsteps. Nice.

I giggled at the zombies because it looks like they’re almost doing a dance.

reminds me of