Dude, should we turn back? Those things could be near.


Blue, please


Battlefield 4’s Dino Mode was hinted on a survey a while back.
Just thought it would interesting to make a scene inspired by it.

I dont really find all these pics thread worthy (no hate)

You got a point, I am kinda sick of spamming this section with threads, I’ll be posting in “Want to post a picture but don’t want to make a thread”

try experimenting a bit with lamps and rimlighting, that sort of stuff can make an otherwise boring scene really sweet

Get some faceposing in there. They both look really bored.

I can’t facepose those guys.

Then work around that. Ragdolls that aren’t faceposed (or fingerposed, for that matter) always stand out and bring down the picture.

Why is it that ALL of your poses include dinosaurs?

I mean, sure, I love dinosaurs, but I don’t do them EVERYTIME. :slight_smile:

lol, this is the very first pose I have made with dinosaurs. You might mistake me for someone else…