Dudes getting shot at by a tank you can't even see.

Eh, fuck it. If any of you remember it, this would have been a scene in Viral.



debris shouldn’t be going in one direction but rather in all
smoke looks a little messed up but not that much
posing on the guy jumping is stiff
overall, meh picture

Well the debris is pretty much just flalling down at this point.

I’ll just go ahead and agree with you on the rest. It all sounds about right.

Not a shoot off screen, but a shoot in screen. Nice work nevertheless.

well, thats not what it shows in the picture

I know.

It wasn’t until after I made that comment and looked at the picture again that the blur doesn’t make it look that way.

In Soviet Russia, offscreen enemy shoot YOU.

Seriously, though, not a bad picture.

Am I the only one who thinks that it looks like the two people to the right are doing it?

Blasted invisible tanks, can never see them

I looked all the way to the right of the screen aaand-


I can’t see the picture.


it’s invisible

No, just the tank.

and the helicopter

By be-half of Optimistic Land, I grant you a key to the city!

Shit I forgot about that one.


[quote=“hamberglar, post:17, topic:41648”]

Shit I forgot about that one.

it happens

well that didn’t work right…

You fucked up.

It’s k tho :love:

You should really take a look at explosions… If your only ten feet from a burst your most likely going to be the equivalent of red mush.