Duel at the Alps

Sniper looks sorta stiff. But other than that, great picture. :slight_smile:

The post processing looks excellent but the stiff posing and bad angle don’t do it much honor.

From the looks of it, the spy is gonna facestab that sniper.

The Spy looks fine, it looks like you didn’t even try on the Scout.

Sir, that is a Sniper.

You’re mistaken Reno, that is a heavy.

I always get them mixed up.

Could have sworn that was HHH.

And what is the pyro doing with a medi-gun?

Spy’s making a gesture of: “Imma gonna stab it on mah balls”

I think you mean what is that Soldier doing with the boxing gloves.

Your avatars always give me a boner. Where do you get them?