Duel Bikes

[release]Here are some more ports i did. These are the duel bikes from the game 5D’s Wheelie Breakers on the wii. Ive given them bumpmaps and phong. Bike 13 has multiple skin groups as its the bike from multiplayer.

Bike1 smoothing fix!
Just drag n drop and overwrite the old bike1 files.


I appreciate C&C


link please?

derp, i cant believe i forgot to add that… fixed it.

Finally some futuristic bikes.

Exactly why i uploaded them! At first i thought eh yugioh stuff, then i found the bikes which look pretty cool!

I think you might want to fix the smoothing on this here wheel.

Ok im trying to fix it in max now, but when i apply the smoothing groups i dont see a change. Ill keep trying.

Card Games On Motorcycles!

Ok i feel stupid, the hell is that referencing? if its referring to something at all!

It’s from the more recent Yu-Gi-Oh series. For some reason just playing card games wasn’t exciting enough, so now they have their duels while riding motorcycles.

Ok, thanks. I have watched the series but got bored, thought i was missing a more inside joke or something.

If you’re using 3DS Max, apply a vertex weld modifier and give it something like 0.0001 power.

I figured it out, i forgot to remove the skin, fix is in the op.

i love it when awesome ports come out of nowhere. these bikes are sick.

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reminds me of this kind of obscure n64 game… i think it was called extreme g. you’re in a post-apoc world racing bikes.

Glad you like them! Im just porting props of interest and sharing them with whoever is interested!

Its a joke in Yu-Gi-Oh Abridged, in which they make fun out of such a ridiculous concept.