Duel of mechs


map :dm_snowfall_beta3
model:“LP.zip” on org

Always thank you for comment to my pic.

Looks awesome man, the sparks add a nice touch.

Not bad although it is a little hard to see what is going on, what with the blur and all.


Where the fuck did you learn to read a thread?

Pretty cool.

This looks good!

A Mech fight! This remembers me of Metal Warriors for the Super nintendo:P


Metal Gear?

wait no…

yeah lol it instantly reminded me of mgs4

This instantly reminded me of Lost Planet, considering it has Lost Planet mechs.
The memories… That last boss was hard as hell!

Nice job, I’m happy that tengu release some lostplanet for the community :smiley:

Nice, the clash in the middle is really dramatic. A pallette for you!

I never took notice to it for some reason.

thats freakin’ bad ass!

nice picture! i thought the spark was a little to bright though.

Not bad. Great
too blur though. otherwise nice