Duel Server

Can my DarkRP server share data/files with another server?

In a sense, same bans/addons and people in-game money.

Is this do-able throw MySQL?


Can you explain?

Or are you trying to rack your posts up?

I was going to reply and tell you specifically how to do it, but now I’ll only say this once. _Mysql.lua.


MySQL will only enable you to share the money database, and possibly a few darkrp settings. Last time I checked the saving for darkrp configs & FPP things where screwy as hell when mixed with multiple servers and MySQL, although this was long ago.

However as for addons/bans.
You could use sourcebans.lua created by Lexi, i think it’s lexi.org.uk.

For addons you would need to have RDP/SSH access, I’ll assume you are on windows so by RDP I mean remote desktop.
If you had full access such as remote desktop you could simply symlink the addons folder. The only major drawbacks of doing this is you must symlink the entire folder. You cannot symlink sub folders due to the way gmod mounts the addon directory. This isn’t a major problem unless you’re using some addons on 1 server but no another etc.

You should be able to work the rest out for yourself, if not… don’t host multiple servers. And before asking ‘whats symlink?’ or "how to mysql?’ or even ‘whats a remote desktop’ please google these terms or read the extensive help files in the DarkRP _MySQL.lua program.