Duel wielding sawn off shotguns

Generic as hell. I know…

He looks too relaxed in my opinion.

yeah posing is off i guess.

nice editing
but too bright and excessive contrast

I didn’t fuck with the contrast lol.

well, it just looks really contrasted and fingerposing looks a little messed now that i look at it

I really like the smoke, hand made?

sorry, Fingerposing is the models fault, it’s actually a dead npc I killed and then I posed him.


Somewhat yeah

You must show me your ways.

Please? :3:

Pretty cool. I like the stance, smoke and motion-blur but I’m not a fan of the really strong bloom.

Yeah, I agree with you. The bloom is a bit overpowering, and he doesn’t look like he’s firing a shotgun; more like holding up a mug of beer or something. Finger posing’s messed up, but I don’t think there’s anything you could’ve done about that.

He holds sawn-offs as if he would gave a coffee cup to someone

The bloom is hurting me.